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Technical Support

New Contributor

Just purchased BOLT EV. I ma having a terrible experience with the customer service. Have been trying to figure out setup for delayed charging, so called. It is a nightmare. Several (4) transfers, and still they couldn't connect me with the competent person. One agent said: we do not know how to fined the right person'. This is so frustrating. Yes, I can call the dealership, they asked to setup appointment: there is no way to select a date! All greyed out! What a bummer. Any advise? 



Hi there. When selecting the charging tile from your myChevrolet app home page, you should receive the "Charge Mode" option under "Setting for Current Location." Here, you will have the choice to either charge immediately or delay charging based on your departure time. If you're having trouble with this feature, as well as the Service Scheduling feature, please feel free to email us some additional details to with "ATTN: OnStar Community/SR" in the subject line. Our team is happy to look into things further with you.