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MyChevrolet App - Documentation, Questions, and Issues


Question/Issues about the myChevrolet app.

1. Where is the complete documentation for the myChevrolet app?  ie. Describes, in detail, all screens and functions

Question and Issues with the current version (Version 6.6.1 (4170).

1.  "View More > Vehicle Settings" With the latest update, the "Vehicle Settings" has been added for our 2019 Equinox.  It has "Driver" and "Climate" icons added.  When I select either of them, I get a message "We're having trouble loading you Driver settings. Please wait and try again later."  I have tried many times, and it still doesn't work.

2. Since updating to the latest version, our Equinox "Vehicle Status" is not updating.  Also in "Vehicle Status" "Oil Life" shows "--%" as it is not showing any data in the circle chart.  Also, "Fuel Efficiency" is showing "0MPG". Note: This was working prior to the latest update.

3. "More > WiFi Hotspot" is not updating properly for our 2019 Equinox.  Show "SSID" "--" and "Password" "..".  Again, this worked prior to the latest update.

Note: I have Uninstalled and Reinstalled the myChevrolet app about 4 or 5 times in the last week and still have the same issues/problems. Also, when Uninstalling and Reinstalling the app, is there a recommended procedure?  ie. In the App properties, shoud I "Force stop", "Storage > Clear cache" and "Clear data", before I Unistall?

Your help would be much appreciated.

Loren Schoepke



We appreciate your diligence in resolving your concerns, Loren. Please know, we do not have a detailed guide for the utilization of the app, but if you do have any questions about what the features are supposed to look like/perform for your vehicle, you can ask us directly or look at the app demo at Regarding your additional concerns with the vehicle data in the app, we'd be happy to take a closer look into this for you. Please send us an email to with "ATTN: OS Community/ljschoepke" so we can best assist. 


The correct web address is "".  It should begin "https...", not "http...".  BTW, this web site needs to be updated to the latest version of myChevrolet.

I will be contacting the Connection Center Team next week to address ALL of the issues I am currently having with the myChevrolet app.