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Why cab I not get accurate location of vehicle 



The mobile app Map experience allows you to see your vehicle's location in real time by having your vehicle's location data consistently refreshed. Location updates occur every 3-6 seconds anytime the vehicle is in focus (meaning you're looking at your vehicle on the map). 

After clicking on the "Maps" tab, the Circle icon will display where your mobile device is currently located. The Vehicle icon displays where your vehicle is currently located. A small white dot under the vehicle icon indicates the vehicle is parked. The Location Card displays the name of your vehicle, the closest address where your vehicle is located and the status of your vehicle (Ignition must be OFF for the app to recognize your vehicle as parked). The Refresh icon displays the last time your vehicle location updated (updates automatically every 3-6 seconds). You can also tap the icon to manually refresh, which will also re-focus the map display on the vehicle. Finally with the Quick Find icons, you can instantly see the location of your mobile device (circle icon) or your Vehicle (car icon). 


If you have any troubles with these features after the recent updates, kindly send us an email to with the subject headline ATTN: OnStar Community/Buttons02. We are more than happy to help.