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Connecting to app on Iphone

New Contributor

I've had the Chevy app for many years and used to be able to access by entering my pin # when trying to start my vehicle.  However, there was a change months ago that now wants me to sign in with my email address every time.   The first time it just clocks.  I sign in again and it finally connects to my remote access functions.  However, there is no way to save the email address so I don't have to sign in every time and it certainly isn't convenient if I always have to sign in twice.

Not sure what changes were made but they certainly aren't working right and if you want to report something quickly, it's just not possible if you have to sign in twice.





With recent updates to the mobile app, we've moved away from the "Keep Me Signed In" feature and need for a 4-digit PIN. Biometrics can now be utilized as the primary log in method. If you do not have biometric authentication active on your device or previously declined this feature, you will need to manually enter your credentials or use the password manager on your device to store your credentials for login. 

If biometrics are enabled on your device and you would like to enable them in the app, you can do so by selecting the icon with your initials in the upper left corner of the homepage, tap Settings, then whichever setting is allowed for your device should appear on the list (Face/Touch/Fingerprint ID). If you have any trouble with this or have further questions, please feel free to email us at with "ATTN: OnStar Community/Mary" in the subject line so we can further assist.