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App not connected to ONSTAR services

New Contributor

Hello, I recently purchased a 2022 GMC Sierra with the new infotainment system. In 3 short weeks my truck ate throw 3GB, I called ONSTAR for support and they blamed me. Apparently, my phone used all my data. The first girl said they have tools to figure out what used the data from the truck but I needed to call tech support. A few days later I call tech support to be told they don’t have tools to diagnose where the data was used and it was all my phone. 3GB gone and not a single app used on the truck. Then, I try to set up myGMC to my app to use the remote start. It tells me that my truck is not connected to ONSTAR services and to press the blue button, so I did. Just to be told the truck is activated and there shouldn’t be an issue. Over an hour on the phone and logged into the website numerous times, through every single page and nothing. The GMC website literally says my truck is NOT connected to ONSTAR services and there’s no place to link my account. When I try to activate ONSTAR on the website it says there’s an error and to call. How am I supposed to use the remote services when the says my truck doesn’t have ONSTAR activated, but ONSTAR is saying it is activated!?? Tell my why I’m paying for services that I can’t even use?


Hi there! Our team would be happy to look into your app connectivity concerns further with you. To get started, please send us an email to with "ATTN: OnStar Community/ccp223" in the subject line. We'll keep an eye out for your message.