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MyChevrolet app and Onstar profiles with conflicting info

New Contributor

I purchased a 2018 Silverado a year ago and connected to my OnStar profile. In the MyChevrolet app it shows there are 5 systems that needs servicing. However, there were no lights on the dash and my OnStar profile showed that all systems are in the green. It's been on going so I figured something is wrong with the app. Today, a year after purchase, I'm getting error messages in the truck saying the stabilitrak system needs servicing. *Side note* when your stabilitrak is out a bunch of other features in your vehicle is lost, including assisted steering. 

Is this an on going issue with the MyChevrolet app and OnStar? What is the fix for this issue?




There are a few steps you can take when your app is alerting you of potential vehicle concerns. First, we suggest that you push the blue OnStar button inside your vehicle and request an On-Demand Diagnostic be run so our live advisors can identify any vehicle systems that may be experiencing concerns. If none are found, please uninstall/reinstall your app. If the alerts are still showing after this, please send us an email to with "ATTN: OS Community/Darnellh" in the subject line. 


For your vehicle's Service Stabilitrak System message, if your vehicle itself is displaying this message, this means that the system does require service. We suggest that you bring it into your preferred GM dealership for diagnosis as soon as possible. Please feel free to send any further questions to the email address provided.