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WiFi Hotspot, No Connection to Internet

New Contributor

I have a 2022 Chevy Silverado, bought the thing used awhile back. The WiFi Hotspot has never worked, basically it will allow a device to join but does not actually route to the internet.

I have had several other Chevy/GMC trucks where the WiFi/Onstar stuff worked fine, so I know it's possible.

I have called onstar several times, today for the forth time to work out this problem. It is always exactly the same thing. Forget the network, leave the truck with the door open for a few minutes, jump through some other hoops. It always ends with, we have to open a ticket for their other support guys and they will call me back to let me know when the problem is fixed.

Crickets... NEVER a call back, we have confirmed the call back number every time. From the customer service perspective this is pretty disgusting, make a commitment to a customer and fail to follow up on a service that has been paid for but non-operable.

Every time the phone support guys focus on the toggle switch for "Share Hotspot Data" and the fact that it's impossible to toggle on, I'll attach a picture if the forum permits.

Anyone know what that does or why it is there? The owners manual says nothing about this toggle. Maybe it's the problem but it makes no sense. Why would anyone want to toggle the ability to route to the Internet (or any other network) if you have already allowed the WiFi connection? Why would you connect in the first place if you didn't intend to go somewhere?

Anyway, other network based apps work OK, Pandora, MyGMC, Weather, etc. Some kind of data routing is happening somehow, just not on WiFi.

Anyone have any idea how to get WiFi routing to the net? Anyone know what the definition of this toggle switch is? Anyone know how to get past the first line guys and talk to someone who knows something?hotspot.jpg


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our team would like to take a further look into things on our end. We can also further connect with your certified dealership to provide an additional layer of assistance. Do not hesitate to email with ATTN: OnStar Community/Pafall in the subject headline. 

New Contributor

Yep. Similar issue here as well. 2024 Lyriq AWD that we bought 2 weeks ago and decided to take on a 1300 mile trip because it had built-in WiFi. It worked the day we took it home but at some point it stopped. The built in Google Maps and everything else works, just won't share internet via the WiFi button. Really sucks being 100 miles into a road trip and finding that out. We did contact OnStar and they said that there was a technical issue with that system and they were working on it. 

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, Nate. If you continue to have trouble, or need an additional layer of assistance connecting with our internal Technical Team, do not hesitate to email us at with ATTN: OnStar Community/NateWade51 in the subject headline.

New Contributor

Has anyone had any success?  My wifi worked when I first got my 2017 truck. I let the wifi plan lapse and only recently renewed. It will connect to my wifi but there is no internet connection. My share hotspot toggle is set to “on” on the mychevy app. I didn’t see where there was a solution.  Has anyone had success?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. If you'd like, our team is more than happy to explore solutions to your concern and help however we can. Please feel free to send us an email to with "ATTN: OS Community/Pilgrim7" in the subject line so we can best assist. 

New Contributor

Same issue with my 2019 Chevy Equinox. Just started a couple months back, and have been told it was a payment issue, but I was charged on my card just fine since day 1 of buying the car. Really disappointed with this and seeing that it is not an isolated issue, and nothing being done to actually solve the problem. 

New Contributor II

I'm having the same issue. I cannot toggle my share wifi hotspot to on. It's off and it won't let me change it. Now other items are starting to not work. My onstar buttons do not light up, my clock is not keeping the correct time, the light that told me the speed limit of the road I was on no longer does. Dealership wants to keep it for two weeks just to diagnose it but from everything I read they just end up saying it's an onstar issue. Onstar is just as useless. I have no faith in either gmc or onstar service. This is a 2022 silverado and I should not have these problems.  It's bad enough that I had to figure out how to fix my trailer brake/lights issue because it wouldn't recognize my airstream.  My other truck had no problem with my airstream but this one won't work without an added resistor. Something GMC could not figure out but this woman who doesn't know much about all the wiring was able to do enough google research to find the answer. I am not impressed with the customer service. Also who has an extra vehicle laying around that they can leave theirs at the shop for two weeks. Seriously what world are they living in?