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Still no GM update on 2G Sunsetting fix for pre-2015 OnStar vehicles?

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We're almost half way through 2022 and still no official GM updates on any revised OnStar "2G-Sunsetting" solution for pre-2015 GM vehicles with factory OnStar hardware (2G CDMA) (which without a GM fix, will have "N-OnStar" by the end of 2022 when the US 2G mobile data system shuts down.)

By contrast, I've already received free plug-and-play hardware upgrades for: 1.) A family member's pacemaker modem (See attached image of USB stick 2g to 4g upgrade modem; 2.) A Home alarm system 2g to 4g modem upgrade (see attached photo for the alarm's modem retrofit.)






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Unbelievable customer service.  Today I get a letter from onstar informing me that they are having difficulty disconnecting my service.  So they want to be take my car of the car out of the garage,  push the onstar button and speak to advisor to help them disconnect it.   I am trying to understand what is in it for me and why in the world I would do anything to assist them?   Now if they want to send an upgrade module I am happy to give them a call and do my own upgrade

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@stevelk_99  don't even reply. same way GM didn't reply to any of us asking for a 5G solution to our problem

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It is great to know that SIRIUS XM still works.  They are more than happy to bombard your mailbox with junk mail.  Something I really don't like and won't use. 

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I made this video here


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I don’t know if it’s true, or if it works 

please  comment on my video to get my attention as I probably won’t check here. Thanks hoping they fix it