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On Star stopped working

New Contributor

We dinghy tow a small suv behind a RV and have a battery disconnect button. After arriving at our destination and engage battery, On Star did not work anymore. Was referred to dealer to reset or replace On Star module.  Dealer wants battery disconnect system removed for them to evaluate the On Star problem. Why? 


New Contributor II

If there is a concern with your OnStar hardware, the trained technicians at our GM-certified dealerships are in the best position to diagnose and repair any issues. If you have further questions about this or need additional assistance, we encourage you to contact our team at our address. 

New Contributor

I'm no expert here, but I'm curious about your battery disconnect 'button'.  Is that something you purchased?  What is the purpose for that?  Is that for theft protection - a hidden button perhaps?  Not sure why the dealer wanted that removed in order to service your vehicle.  Seems a better idea would be to simply engage the battery and see what they can find.  Then bypass the disconnect and see if that changes anything in the diagnosis.  - I'm still curious about your 'button' - the concept sounds good.