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2G sunset

New Contributor

4G cellular service became available in 2009. So why, in 2014, was GM/OnStar still manufacturing their equipment with 2G technology (which was basically obsolete by 2002)? Why, in 2022, is their not an equipment upgrade option available? I have been a GM/OnStar customer since 2011 because of the OnStar services. Terrible way to treat customers.


Community Manager
Community Manager

We certainly understand the dissatisfaction regarding the sunset of 2G Network Services impacting OnStar. We are encouraging Members to download the OnStar Guardian App. The Guardian app provides access to crucial safety features such as: 


• Emergency Services
• Crisis Assist
• Roadside Assistance
• Mobile Crash Response
• Location Status


Additionally, you can share this experience with up to 7 family Members or friends. You can find more information about the 2G network sunset on the following page: 

New Contributor

With all due respect, @Advisor_Maria, GMs solution to this is abysmal. It is absurd that I bought a high-end Buick in 2015 that now has completely obsolete technology. If this were a 2000, okay, sure. But my car is only eight years old!

There ARE fixes other than the shell of an OnStar app (that is useless to me) - it seems that GM doesn’t want to stand behind their customers and wants to take the cheap way out.

Truly, this inaction gives me a final reason not to ever again purchase another GM vehicle.

We know this change in service is frustrating to our valued customers, and we explored several options to manage the transition. Due to a variety of factors, including semiconductor chip and other component supply shortages, there is no feasible option to replace the hardware. We encourage owners with 2G-connected vehicles to download the OnStar Guardian app and save 1.888.466.7827 in their phone’s contact list. You can find more information about the 2G network sunset by visiting:

New Contributor

Why is GM pushing an app that my phone can do. Free of charge. An app that does nothing I had Onstar for. Like remote start - remote unlock - vehicle locate. I am totally up to buy and instal the hardware to do the upgrade. The question is will GM program the truck???

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if you have a cadillac  2013, 2014  Here is one of the parts you will need. It's for sale in Canada here and this bulletin will tell you what part you need for what vehicle.  You will have to pay out of pocket. plus pay the dealership to program it for you. They may install it as well, for a fee.