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2G ending soon

New Contributor

I purchased OnStar when I purchased my Camaro in 2011. I like feeling safe and I have used the "unlock" at least 3 times. And the roadside assistance. I realize that most auto insurance comes with roadside assistance but I've always used OnStar, and for what I've used it for all these years certainly doesn't cover the monthly cost, but I have felt safer with it. 

I purchased my Colorado in 2019, again with OnStar, so now I have 2 vehicles with this service.  It's not cheap and I have to say that OnStar has taken me to the wrong place several times when using the turn by turn instructions with that being said so has Google maps. 

But I've been able to contact OnStar in places that my cell phone doesn't have service, that is the safety for me. But if I have to rely on my cell phone to get intouch with the "guardian app" then what's the point. 

It doesn't make sense that there isn't an upgrade from 2G to 4or5G. I love my Chevy's but if the answer is a cell phone app I don't think my next purchase will be with GM. 



We understand your concerns surrounding the 2G Network shutdown and appreciate your loyalty throughout the years. While the OnStar Guardian app does depend on service coverage, our Advisors are able to use your smartphone's location (if enabled) in the case of an emergency and contact first responders for help on your behalf. Along with this, you're able to share your location within the mobile app with up to seven friends or family members on compatible devices to always stay connected. If you have any further questions about the Guardian App, please feel free to reach out to us via email at with "ATTN: OnStar Community/ChrisersCamaro" in the subject line. Our team is happy to help.