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2022 Equinox-On Star light Red intermittently

New Contributor

Bought a 22 Equinox Brand new a few months ago,

Occasionally (atleast once or twice a month) the On-star light will be Red, and no sound will come out of the car speakers.

Any suggestions on what to do?



Thank you kindly for bringing this to our attention. Please know, if your LED light is red, it could signify an OnStar hardware concern. Moving forward, we do recommend pushing your blue button to connect with a live Advisor directly. If you continue to have trouble after speaking with a live Advisor, please send us an email to with ATTN: OnStar Community/Astap1264 in the subject line so we can help. 

New Contributor

I am having the same exact problem with my 2021 Buick Enclave.  I have taken it to the dealer four times (although it has happened far more time).  The first two times, they told me to bring it back while it was having the problem.  The third time, which was only a month ago, it was having the problem and I drove straight to the dealer.  They did a software update and gave me the car back.  Now, exactly one month later, same problem.  I brought it in again.  They said they can't duplicate the problem so they can't help me.  It old them the previous time it was not working when I brought it in.  I was told "well that's because it brought it in later in the evening on a Friday"  It was 5:45 which is when it started having the problem.  I guess they didn't bother to try to fix it when it broken, just turned it off til the next day which will reset it and it will work again and the red light will go back to green.  The problem is intermittent but it's a big problem.  I called GM today who started a case for me.  The very nice rep called onstar who told her there was a module malfunction.  I called the dealer back and they don't seem to believe me because while he was on the phone with onstar he was leaving me a voicemail so I heard him questioning about whether someone would have told me there was a problem  SOMEONE DID!  The GM rep who called onstar for me!!!  I have a case number! I am ready to trade in the car for something that is not GM at this point.  I am very frustrated.  For the amount of money we pay for these cars, the features should work all the time or certainly be repaired when they don't.

New Contributor


Astap1264 Have they figured out what is wrong with your vehicle and been able to fix it?  They keep telling me they can't get it to happen so they can't know what's wrong with it and of course, when it happens the dealer is not open.

New Contributor

If you are experiencing a red intermittent light on your Equinox's OnStar system, it typically indicates an issue or a notification from the system. Here are a few possible explanations:

  1. Connection Issue: The red intermittent light could be signaling a problem with the OnStar system's connection. It may be caused by a weak or disrupted cellular signal, antenna issues, or an internal malfunction.

  2. Subscription Notification: The OnStar system may use different colors to convey different types of notifications. A red intermittent light could be indicating that there is an issue with your subscription, such as a payment concern or an expired subscription.

  3. System Fault: Another possibility is that there is a fault or malfunction within the OnStar system itself. This could be related to the hardware, software, or internal components of the system.

To address this issue, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Contact OnStar Support: Reach out to OnStar customer support for assistance. They can help diagnose the issue remotely and provide guidance on resolving the problem or scheduling a service appointment if necessary.

  2. Check Subscription Status: If the red light is related to a subscription issue, verify your subscription status and ensure that it is up to date. Contact OnStar or refer to your account information for more details.

  3. Perform a System Reset: Try resetting the OnStar system by turning off the vehicle, opening the driver's side door, waiting a few minutes, and then starting the vehicle again. This may help resolve any temporary issues or glitches.

  4. Seek Professional Inspection: If the issue persists or if you suspect a hardware malfunction, consider taking your Equinox to a certified Chevrolet dealership, Rapipay Agent Portal Registration, or a qualified automotive technician to have the OnStar system inspected and repaired.

Remember, the specific steps to resolve the issue may vary based on the model year of your Equinox and the OnStar system version installed. Consulting the vehicle's owner's manual or contacting OnStar customer support will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information for troubleshooting the issue.