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no data plan

New Contributor

i bought an $85k truck, 2024 high country 3500.  I get app access free for 3 years. onstar and data free for one month.  Now that one month up i am pretty sure 85k is enough but no i have to pay a minimum of $25 a month for eternity to use NAV, and any other feature in the truck.

There is something dreadfully wrong with this SCAM.  i had no idea nothing would work without it.  i promise i wouldnt have purchased the vehicle.  Eveyone warns me about SCAMS and this is one for sure.


I opted for this truck because it has HUD.  I love the speed limit for each road shows up.  NOT anymore, gotta have a data plan!!!!!!!!!!!  Google maps is the new engine that drives everything in the truck.  Also, AT&T is the carrier.  they are the worst here in GA.

is there a class action suit against GM for this ?  Ill jump in for sure.


New Contributor

I made a Youtube on how to get the maps.   Title of video is How to Get Map on 2022 2023 Chevrolet GMC Trucks and Cars


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100% agree with you.  I bought a new 2024 Traverse in June and am dealing with identity theft from the “WiFi hotspot data plan” that they transferred to AT&T in January. I’m heading to my dealer today to get everything Onstar off the vehicle- but you can guarantee this is lawsuit worthy. Besides the obvious identity safety flaw, it’s also horrible to sell a vehicle with BUILT IN services then jack up the prices for monthly service after free trials…and sell off even who offers the service.  



We do regret to hear of any concerns with your in-vehicle data. Our team here would like to learn more about your current situation and help to the best of our abilities. So we may, please email with ATTN: OnStar Community/OhioRuhe in the subject headline. This will allow us to best assist moving forward.