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What’s included in the Essentials Plan?

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Prepare for the unexpected and get convenient control in or out of your vehicle. OnStar Safety & Security* gives you access to specially trained Advisors who can help during emergencies, a crash or a vehicle theft. Plus, get the OnStar Guardian app that gives you and your loved ones added peace of mind in the palm of your hand. Remote Access unlocks all the features of your vehicle mobile app. Get the Essentials Plan and get going. Learn more about the Essentials Plan and other plans here.


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I canceled my on star today. I am paying over 40 dollars a month. The woman tells me I am being charged 85.00 on this month charge I ask why and she states gm made a error. So then she tells me she can lower my price to 19.95 a month. I asked her why didn't I get this price when I purchased the suv. She said this is because of the billing mistake. This is a total ripoff. Charge me 40.00 a month for 16 months and when I cancel lower my price in half. The bottom line is I paid 700.00 more for my suv by gm charged it a different way.

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Hello cmiller7031, we're sorry to hear that, please email for further assistance.

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I was just on the phone to cancel my plan and the person I talked to, while convincing me to keep the plan, told me it covered cracked windshields. I decided to keep the plan because that's a nice perk I didn't realize was included and my auto insurance doesn't have great windshield coverage. Now I decided to keep the plan but can't find any information about windshield discounts or coverage. Help?

To provide some clarification, the Essentials Plan provides the following services. 


-Remote Start
-Remote Lock/Unlock
-Remote Horn & Lights
-Vehicle Status
-Vehicle Locate
-Send-To Navigation
-On-Demand Diagnostics

-Turn-by-Turn Navigation
-Automatic Crash Response
-Emergency Services
-Crisis Assist
-Roadside Assistance
-Stolen Vehicle Assistance
-OnStar Guardian App

This plan is meant to provide some peace of mind in emergency situations where you may need Roadside Assistance or other types of services. This does not provide any sort of warranty coverage or parts discounts. Our apologies for any confusion, and please feel free to email us at with "ATTN: OS Community/learue" in the subject line with any further questions.