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Pricing, multiple vehicles, and discounts

New Contributor

I have searched for the answers, but everything I’ve has been very vague. I have been a loyal GM customer for over 34 years. I have owned GM vehicles primarily, with very few exceptions. I currently own multiple GM vehicles. Of the six vehicles I own, two are equipped with OnStar (the GTO didn’t come with it and would likely have a sunset version if it did, two are HD motorcycles, and one is a Jeep - inherited). The two OnStar equipped vehicles are a 2015 High Country 3500 Silverado and a 2019 Z06 Corvette. I am considering getting an OnStar account for these vehicles to utilize all the features I paid for when I bought them, but I do not want, what is equivalent to, a full on household bill for a service I would barely use. I can only drive one vehicle at a time (I am single and my kids are grown and moved out – I’m the only driver of these vehicles) and I work for home, meaning I rarely drive to begin with. Therefore, I was inquiring to see if it was possible to get a multi-vehicle discount and/or a military veteran discount (I am a 30% - likely to increase soon – disabled veteran) for OnStar services for these two vehicles. I am also an AT&T subscriber if that helps (I know the LTE service OnStar uses is AT&T).  If not, I’ll just keep using my phone as I have been for years, since I literally get all the same capabilities, just not “built-in”.



We appreciate your interest in our OnStar services, and we can assure you that they are well worth it for both convenience and peace of mind, depending on the service you're looking for. While we do not offer any multi-vehicle plans, we do provide a military discount. You can visit to view our available plan options to see which would be best for your needs, and once you're ready to enroll, simply push the blue OnStar button inside your vehicle and speak with a live advisor to set up your account. 

New Contributor

OnStar is a wonderful service.  But there's no way I can afford it.  I'm disabled, on SSI, and living on $900 a month.  Right now I'm in the middle of a trial plan.  It really does bring me peace of mind knowing that if I have a medical emergency I can just push a button and get help sent to my vehicle.  However, once my trial is over (in a month), I'll have to cancel.  I wish they had a program for low-income / disabled people.  Especially considering I drive under 5,000 miles per year.  OnStar is a great service ... for the rich.

We are glad to hear that you are interested in OnStar. Our team would be happy to assist you in determine the best plan for you. When you have a moment, please send us an email at with ATTN: OnStar Community/CreakyKnees in the subject headline so we can assist you further.