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Maps+, Android Auto, etc not integrated with HUD

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I just saw Maps+ is included in my active plan on my 2020 Sierra. Overall, it seems solid, but we'll see as I get more time with it. I noticed that there are a few issues. A good first version, but there are some updates/improvements needed to really make it a go-to over plugging in my phone for google maps on android auto

1) It does not replace the built-in nav, which is fine, but it does not even get priority over the built in navigation. So when I use voice commands, it does not go to Maps+. I cannot make the navigation button at the bottom of the screen go to Maps+.

2) It does not work with the HUD. This has been a huge complaint for me with this vehicle. I've been in several other vehicles that will relay the turn by turn directions onto the HUD (like the built-in nav does) from android auto or carplay, but my sierra does not. I know the phone can relay this information to the vehicle because several other vehicles do this. I was hoping that by having Maps+ be a built-in navigation app that it would gain this feature, but to my disappointment, the HUD still will only show the built-in nav directions. Why does this matter? Well, I tow a lot and utilize the camera feature, which you cannot use if you need to see directions. Or as you switch lanes, the side cameras come up, taking away navigation, so when you're switching lanes for interchanges, you have to manually close the camera view to see which exit you're having to take. If the HUD or the cluster would simply show the next instruction from the 3rd party navigation app like so many other vehicles do (my 2016 accord does this), it would be a huge improvement to quality of life while towing.

3) Maps+ does not appear to have access to contacts, or the remote app. Sending an address to the truck results in the built-in nav being used, not maps+. I cannot search for home addresses for contacts that are stored in the head unit, or on my phone. This means I must manually type in the address or speak it with the voice assistant every time. Kind of annoying. 

4) I haven't found it yet, but I'm assuming there's a way to save home/work addresses like the built-in nav or google maps.


Community Manager
Community Manager

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions regarding the Maps+ feature. Our team would be happy to document these suggestions and forward them to the appropriate internal parties. Additionally, please know that Users do have the ability to save home/work addresses along with favorite locations. You can set a single home and work location from the search landing page or from the Point of Interest cards. Please note, these locations are stored locally and not yet integrated with the user profile. If you have not yet set any favorites, home or work destinations, the ‘Favorite’ icon on the search page is unfilled, prompting you to add favorites. From here, you'll select the ‘Favorites’ button, where you're taken to the Favorites screen. You will be prompted to ‘Set Home’, ‘Set Work’ or "Add Favorite". Tapping on any of these buttons takes you to the search bar, where you'll search for and confirm the respective location.


You can also set home, work or favorites from the POI cards. If a destination is not yet selected as home, work or favorite, the heart icon appears on the POI card. Tapping on this icon brings up a full-screen modal that enables the user to set this location as either Home, Work or a Favorite. 


If you would like us to document your suggestions or have any additional questions regarding the Maps+ feature, please feel free to email us at and we ask that you have your subject line as ‘ATTN: OnStar Community/jlvaldez’ so we can reference back to this post.