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Just need data for vacation trip

New Contributor

Is purchasing a prepaid option for data the best option for me if only needing for a short period of time (road trip vacation that will be about 2 weeks)?  If so, how does that work?  Purchase $5.00 250MB Prepaid Data Plan and when it runs out I need to log on and purchase again?

Or can I purchase a recurring $15 2GB Monthly plan and simply cancel it after 1 month?  

I can not seem to find any information about how long the monthly plan will be once you purchase?  Is there a contract that says I need to continue for more than one month?



Hi there! OnStar offers Data Plans by GB/MB, as well as monthly recurring. When enrolling into a monthly recurring Data Plan, you are able to cancel at anytime. The remaining data will be available until the end of the 30 day enrollment period. Please know, offers and pricing vary by location. To learn more about what Data Plan options are available for your vehicle, please email us at with "ATTN: OnStar Community/puzzle12" in the subject line. Our team is happy to help.