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Gps upgrade

New Contributor

I have a 2019 Chevy Malibu LT and i only have the onstar turn by turn navigation. I want to upgrade it to maps. Is it possible through onstar or i have to get a sd card?



In Turn-by-Turn Navigation, OnStar calculates routes and sends steps directly to your vehicle. In the case of an Advisor Guided Route, an advisor reads the steps to the member and the route does not display in the vehicle. With an embedded navigation system, the map data is pre-loaded into the system and factory installed. The map data is loaded to the vehicle about 9 months before the vehicle is sold. Maps+ is for vehicles that have an infotainment system, but do not have an embedded navigation system. You can open the Maps+ app from the infotainment system's touchscreen and then enter the destination with a compatible data plan. With this, if you have any additional questions, kindly email with "OnStar Community/MoeB2019" in the subject line.