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Can't add family member. Technical difficulty

New Contributor

Added wife and child to Guardian family. Kid signed in no problem. Wife keeps getting Technical difficulty 500 message, can't create account. Samsung s21+


New Contributor

I have same problem with adding my wife. My daughter was able to join to family with the code and text which was sent to her cell phone. But for my wife with same code, the App gives her the error every time and says there is technical difficulties and asks her to try again. I am not sure what's going on this app and I hope GM OnStar helps to fix this issue, sooner.

We do regret to hear of any trouble. Our team here has provided the steps below of how to invite a New Family Member: 


1. Start on home screen ​

2. Select on the three lines in the upper left corner ​

3. On the menu, select My Family

4. Select add person in upper left corner of screen (+ symbol)

5. Guardian will generate a temporary code to send to the family member's phone via sms text. Select Share

6. The app will prompt to select the family member's contact. Select the desired contact, which will send the code to that person



The code will expire in 2-3 days, after which time a new code will need to be sent. Moving forward, if you continue to have any trouble with these steps, we are more than happy to help. Please send us an email to with ATTN: OnStar Community/MOR in the subject headline.

New Contributor

I'm having the same problem. Did the steps but cannot get past the permissions to finish setup. Everything has green checks, but will not not complete.

Thanks for reaching out about this. You can use the above steps to add your family member to your account. If you're still having difficulties, please send us an email to with "ATTN: OS Community/raerahh" in the subject line so we can further assist.