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2019 Chevy Tahoe Application Error

New Contributor

Hello, I have been unable to open the applications in my 2019 Chevy Tahoe the past 3 weeks. I have had the SUV since 2019 with no issues. I keep getting an error message “APPLICATION ERROR.” The application is having trouble loading, please try again later. The pandora app in my SUV says I do not have internet connectivity but I pay for WIFI in my truck and it has been confirmed I do have internet. I have spoke with different support staff and nothing they have done has worked. I should not have to pay for a dealership to check the issue. I need to know why it’s showing I have internet, but the apps reflect no internet connectivity. 



We do appreciate you providing us with these details and regret to hear of any frustration caused. Our team would like to take a further look into your case with our internal team and assist to the best of our abilities. If you would like any updates moving forward, kindly email us at with ATTN: OnStar Community/Tamara10_25 in the subject headline.