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App's not working and WIFI barely usable

New Contributor

I've called before and gotten no where. Wifi barely works in my 2019 Chevy Tahoe. I pay for unlimited data, and barely can use it as the apps on my phone or ipad won't work with such slow speed. The apps in the infotainment don't work. I can't download or see apps to reset the apps that don't work. I will get the 5 dots as its loading then message the system is down please try again later. That obviously didn't work when I tried later. How can I get this fixed? It seems like a on-going issue OnStar wide.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

If you're having trouble with your in-vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot, we recommend pushing the blue OnStar button in your vehicle to speak with a live Advisor. They will be in the best position to troubleshoot your vehicle hardware for any concerns. If you continue to have concerns after reaching out to them, please feel free to send our team an email at and we ask that you have your subject line as ‘ATTN: OnStar Community/pjudge15’ so we can reference back to this post.

New Contributor II

Did you ever get a solution? I am having similar issues and i think onstar employees are illiterate as i cannot get a clear response. Worst service I have ever seen. 

New Contributor

Has anyone ever been able to get this fixed? The apps on 2019 Tahoe no longer load and the wifi speed is so low that my iPhone hardly loads anything. Been dealing with this for 18 months minimum. Dealer is waiting for GM Tech to respond, and OnStar has been useless. Several cases opened, lots of phone discussions, but nothing actually done to correct the problem. I've been basically ignored. Any help/pressure would be appreciated. I'm an ex-GM empoyee and can't even get any results!!

New Contributor II

I’m having the same problem and same results with customer support.