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Onstar abuse by household member. Hacked

New Contributor

hi I'm embarrassed and just beside myself.  I didn't know the capabilities of the onstar when I purchased a hummer several years ago.  Apparently my girlfriend at the time did. Again I'm sorry for doing this post but.  I need help and closure please.   It has taken me several years of counseling  and treatment.  You can laugh, it's cool.  I lost my mind and became sick.  I didn't know how this lady was falling my every movement.  At this point t I would just be happy talking with folks that understand.  I know it's been several years and I probably can't call leo and charge her with anything.   Please help.   I know this sounds crazy and beyond.  I'm a normal person and I wasn't raised like a criminal minded person. I had no idea there were such malicious people in the world. Shame on me.  Please help

Please respond



We take the safety & security of all of our Members very seriously. Some precautions we take include associating specific actions with different roles on an account as well as having a verification process any time we discuss account information with Members. We also have a privacy policy that you're able to learn more about by visiting this link: With that, the only way someone would be able to access a vehicle location is if they were added to the account by the Account Owner or had access to the Owner Center account utilizing the Owner's account information. Based on your post, it seems this situation has ceased. In the event it is ongoing, we highly recommend resetting your Owner Center password as soon as possible in addition to re-evaluating the Members listed on your account. We can help you if you send an email to with "ATTN: OnStar Community/Acct Help" in the subject of your email.