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2G sunset

New Contributor

As an owner of both 2014 and 2016 Cadillacs, I'm very aggravated with GM for not providing an option to purchase an ONSTAR 2G hardware upgrade option as they did previously for the 2008 CTS I once owned. This will not bode well for future GM/Cadillac customer loyalty. Unacceptable! No doubt that option could be implemented for about a $100 - $200 customer buy in.


Community Manager
Community Manager

We certainly understand your frustrations regarding the sunset of 2G OnStar services. At this time, there is no option to replace older 2G OnStar modules with new 4G-capable OnStar hardware. Owners with 2G-connected vehicles are encouraged to download the OnStar Guardian app. This will allow them to take the safety and security of key OnStar services wherever they go. 


OnStar Guardian offers Mobile Crash Response, which uses smartphone sensors to detect a crash and alert an Emergency-Certified Advisor. OnStar Guardian also offers 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Location Status, and Emergency Services. You can share this experience with up to 7 family members. Please visit for more information about the 2G network sunset. 

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I don't want a App, I want my hardware in my vehicle to work as it should, A hardware upgrade is required to obtain that. Also at one point you hard a onstar rearview mirror you released. That would be a awesome option! One thing that could take it one step further if you added an OBD2 connection to monitor engine. would love to put something like that on  z28. but need hardware upgrade for my 05 trailblazer with factory Navigation!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree with JoshL, I do not want an App, that does not do what OnStar does. If the Guardian App is so good, why do newer vehicles stick with the real thing? I am in Canada and my hardware in my 2010 CTS is 4G compatible as GM had to upgrade me when Canada removed 2G services back in 2015. My new h/w has been working great but in November suddenly my diagnostic report no longer reports tire pressure. When I inquired with OnStar to get the problem fixed OnStar told me my plan had been terminated and that a new plan would not be offered! Whether or not I have 4G service I am being terminated. I understand USA customers are worse off as they don't get new h/w. But even those of us with new h/w in older cars are being terminated. I do not understand that at all. In my new GM 2023 vehicle I have been given 1 month OnStar service free but I will not be signing up after that. The risk that OnStar will be Capriciously terminated is worrisome to me. Besides why would I support a service that does not support me? My sister just bought a new Trailblazer and I told her not to sign up, just use her cell phone if she runs into trouble. OnStar is a nice to have but it is certainly not needed. OnStar you were able to manufacture h/w upgrades to Canada 2G customers you can certainly do it for USA customers. Do not tell us that the Pandemic caused parts shortages, you are making parts for all vehicles now. You have known that 2G was coming to an end for more than a decade to boot. You are just insulting your customers trying to convince that Guardian can do what OnStar, not true. 

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The Onstar saga is getting old and further displays GM’s planning and support failures.  GM supposedly deactivated my 2014 Equinox and 2006 Cobalt.  The Onstar light went off in the Equinox but not in the Cobalt.   The Cobalt continues to search for a signal with the ignition off or on, and drains the Cobalt battery within 2 weeks.   I pulled the S-Beam/Onstar fuse under the hood and places an ammeter across the contacts, and low and behold, the circuit was pulling .47 Amps with the ignition off.   The system is obviously searching for the 2G signal, and with cell technology, draws more amperage searching.   GM needs to unplug the Onstar system permanently for affected customers since they refuse to upgrade the systems.   The Onstar light is still on, but at least some of the amperage drain is relieved.   

Hi there. For the best assistance with any OnStar hardware concerns, we suggest that you reach out to your preferred Chevrolet dealership as your system should be deactivated. 

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I'm considering calling an attorney. I wonder if a class action is possible on this. This feature was a huge reason behind buying this vehicle. I used my remote start through the app literally a minimum of three times a day. It's hot where I live. This is why I bought this car (2013 ATS Premium) so I don't have to get into a hot vehicle. I can not use the key fob from inside my job, upstairs where I can't see if the remote is reaching the vehicle, or from inside a restaurant etc....I would even consider paying for a fix but not offering one at all just is not right.

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