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2G Introduced In The US In 1992...Why is technology introduced in 1992 still in use in our vehicles?

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The question we should all be asking is, why is technology introduced in 1992 still in use in our vehicles?
The timeline for Cellular Network Deployments are as follows:
2G - 1992
3G - 2001
4G - 2009
5G - 2019

  With this in mind and having a 2013 Avalanche, I question why 21 year old technology was installed in my vehicle. In my opinion my vehicle should have a 4G module installed, not 2G.
It's utterly ridiculous!
   And for those that are defending GM and OnStar’s decision to install antiquated hardware, these are the facts that support it's not the fault of the FCC. It's the fault of the money grubbers at OnStar and GM.
  I too have vowed after 36 years of brand loyalty, another GM vehicle newer than 2009 will not be titled in my household. I have Pontiac issues, and this is the year they were killed off.
The kicker is my wife, and I are both shopping for new vehicles, she drives a 2002 Grand Prix that she won't let go of, and most certainly we will not be buying GM products.
   I've also requested the termination of my OnStar account as the Guardian app does nothing additional for me that my iPhone already does as others have already pointed out.


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Class action!