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SuperCruise stpped functioning in San Diego

New Contributor

In Jan, 2024, I purchased & picked up my 2024 Lyriq Luxury 2,

I drove it from Calabassas to San Diego "hands-free" on I-5 freeway.  As I live directly off the I-5 freeway, I was frequently using SuperCruise on the highway.  

But 2 months ago, I would no lomger engage.  I thought it might be temporary, but it is not.

SuperCruise no longer works in San Diego, CA. Mu SC plan says it is valid through 2026.  But each time i engage on the steering whell - a message comes on the main screeen "Super Cruise needs to be activated".

Nothing to activate on the MyCaddy App - it says my plan is active thru 2026.

Nothing on the GM website (just very basic info).

Any suggestions??












Super Cruise functionality is enabled by a data connection for real-time, precise positioning and periodic Super Cruise map updates. To operate Super Cruise, you must have an active Connected Services plan that offers Super Cruise functionality. Super Cruise vehicles are also connected to OnStar Emergency Services, so an Emergency-Certified OnStar Advisor can assist drivers if needed. Additionally, all Super Cruise-equipped vehicles include 3 years of connectivity to support functionality, after which a Connected Services plan must be purchased. 


We also recommend reviewing our coverage map by visiting moving forward. Cadillac vehicles that are equipped with Super Cruise can drive on over 200,000 miles of compatible roads in the U.S. and Canada. Super Cruise can only be used on limited-access freeways that are separated from opposing traffic and accessible by entrance and exit ramps only.