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Super Cruise section of map not working - Central MN

New Contributor

Area of road that should be covered by super cruise not working.

I drive on main roads a lot, and there is a particular stretch of I-94 in central MN that is not working. Other roads in the area are and I believe there to be something wrong with the super cruise map. Calling OnStar has had less than desirable results with ranging from being transferred 5+ times to being transferred to a disconnected number. My last call was supposedly able to run some diagnostics but found no issues. Below is a map of the area I'm discussing, and the green highlighted roads should be working, I've driven on almost all the other highlighted green roads on this map, but it seems like when I get to mile 213 on I-94 driving south (or reverse coming back the other way) it simply says no road information available.






This certainly is not something we like to hear. Our team would like to learn more information on your Super Cruise concerns. Please send us an email at Be sure to include ATTN: OnStar Community/MN_Tiger in the subject headline moving forward. We hope to hear from you soon.