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It's time to offer a real solution other than the App's limited capabilities. This is really bothering me. I have a 2015 and they can't turn it on remotely and load software updates. I mean really. It's embarrassing.

Numbers71 by New Contributor II
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OnStar Link is Garbage and Not a Solution

Had a very unpleasant conversation with OnStar about the 2022 OnStar shutdown for pre 2015 vehicles that can only get CDMA 2g service. The "solution" is a data port dongle but is barely a solution to anything. It disables the in vehicle OnStar button...

hyperlexis by New Contributor II
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Connecting to app on Iphone

I've had the Chevy app for many years and used to be able to access by entering my pin # when trying to start my vehicle. However, there was a change months ago that now wants me to sign in with my email address every time. The first time it just clo...

Mary by Visitor
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I'm having problems with the MyGMC App for Android. I used it once and now it keeps asking me to login and add a vehicle. I type in Vin, year, make and model it then tells me the Vin is not linked and to link it. Once I hit button to link it gives me...

Wgarigen by New Contributor
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Printed Member Card

Does OnStar still issue the printed member cards? This is the blue wallet card with all the OnStar information for the vehicle, including the vehicle's telephone number. I previously had one for another vehicle I owned, but I have not received a card...

Cgmartin by New Contributor
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Services do not work - Horrible Experience

I bought this beautiful new 2022 GMC Yukon Denali, jam packed with technology to make life easier and safer. The app connected, the initial advisor call was great and now the entire system and support has left me stranded as a customer with a vehicle...

SK by New Contributor III
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App signs me out

MyChevy App (iPhone) routinely signs me out. Have to use login and PW versus just finger / face recognition. Note that I also use the Alexa skill with my account. What I’ve noticed is that the App stays signed in until I use the Alexa skill, at which...

Xzrpkb by New Contributor
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Lost connectability

I lost connection to OnStar on my 2015 Chevy Silverado when you upgraded from 3G to 5G. I have spoken with several of your technicians without getting success. I don't want renew OnStar if it won't be working. Please advice as to what you're doing to...

gocats72 by New Contributor
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Onstar Not showing

Hello, I recently purchased a 2022 Buick Encore GX. I have call Onstar 4 times about my account saying “Onstar and Connected Services are not active” yet when I call, they say I do have an active plan. It also isn’t showing up on the “My Buick” app. ...

Buick22 by Visitor
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Diagnostic report

I received an email last week indicating there was an issue with our engine or transmission in our 2015 Malibu. I took the car to a local service center on January 7th. They did a diagnostics check and found the issue was with a battery cable. As soo...

CM by Visitor
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On star Wi-Fi Emails Won’t Send

When I am connected to my in-vehicle Wi-Fi I cannot send email. It does not allow a connection to the outgoing server. If I disconnect from the Wi-Fi and use the phone cellular network it works fine, as it does when I am on any other Wi-Fi. Has anyon...

Msteven5 by New Contributor
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So, I’m told over and over again that I do not have an active hotspot and can not have one or even gain access one without paying for a data plan….. BUT my infotainment system sure shows one… visible AND accessible from my cell phone, AND it has ...

Resolved! "Diagnostic Alert" while truck is off?

Is it possible for my 2021 Silverado to send me a diagnostic alert text message if it is powered off?Last night I received a text message diagnostic alert indicating low air pressure in one of my truck tires. My truck is in for service right now and ...

Onstar Navigation Sound

I downloaded directions from my chevrolet app to car as i usually do but this time there was no sound in the car when the directions were playing.The sound on the radio was fine and it even lowered at the points when the directions should have been g...

Bunella by Visitor
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Guardian App "Always allow location access"

My wifes iPhone 8 Plus running the latest iOS software, keeps turning off "Always allow location access" and changes it to "While using the app". This happens everytime I change it to "Always allow access". Of course, the app is useless to her unless...