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Premium Onstar plan and Wi-Fi

I purchased the Premium OnStar plan on March 7th in preparation for a 1500 mile trip with 3 other people. I wanted us all to be able to use Wi-Fi during the trip without drawing down our data plans. During the trip, I was the one who connected to And...

Linking MyGMC app to Alexa using MyGMC & OnStar

Hi all, I’m trying to start my GMC truck with Alexa which requires you to link MyGMC with Alexa. Every time I attempt this it fails and tells me “The input entered is invalid” Yes the username and password are correct for MyGMC app. Anyone have a fix...

PT by Visitor
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Remote start question using my chevrolet app

Hi there: I have a new 2023 Silverado Custom with no automatic climate control, just the basic Custom a/c system. When I start the truck using the mobile app the a/c will turn on automatically, even if I turned it off the last time I used it. Is this...

BossTruck by New Contributor
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GM Is producing over the wall engineering.

I pay for onstar hotspot. In my 2018 Silverado I had to plug the phone in for everything to work. On my 2022 Silverado it is all wireless. It has the big screen, they are bragging aabout. My onstar hotspot won't work on my phone, while it is connect ...

Glendon by New Contributor
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Key Fob

I was on a chat with a representative from OnStar last week, and they said that the key fobs and auto start won't work anymore. How is this connected to the 2G issue? Aren't the key fobs controlled by radio frequency chips? Why won't the key fob work...

kmhunz by Visitor
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Key fob after 2Gsunset

At present I still have 2G. If the battery is dead in my key fob, when I try to start my car I’m informed there is no key fob, and I cannot start the car. What the heck is the workaround for that? will the car start because it no longer will expect a...