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remote auto start lost


So Onstar is terminating and so is my remote starter. Onstar services are pretty worthless and I never use however I was shocked to find out they had coopted my remote start. The price of plans is simply not worth it. I purchased my Chevy specifying the remote start as a required capability. Now with this, very disappointed. I guess this will be my last Chevy/GM vehicle. Chevy refuses to address and refers me back to a dealer who is no longer in the picture. Customer service? No.

Sorry Chevy - no more.


New Contributor II

The remote start was one of the reasons I bought my car just a year ago and now I’m losing that feature plus my key fob will no longer work. This is ridiculous all that we are going to lose because OnStar won’t give us a option to upgrade our systems. I would of never bought this damn car if I had a heads up that damn near every feature will be no longer for us.