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wifi hotspot not working after remote startup. 2020 chevy silverado.. the wifi has been "reset" x2 from on-star. is this a chevyissue or onstar issue ? thx

try54 by New Contributor II
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WIFI in my GMC Sierra

I have a 2021 GMC Sierra Denali, and I have the wifi/hotspot active on my truck. My cell service is through Verizon, and the wifi/hotspot is through AT&T... Now when I am in my truck the phone automatically connects to the hotspot AND via Bluetooth a...

Cadillac ATS & OnStar WiFi Hot Spot security issues…

Hello all!I bought my Cadillac 2 months ago, and love it, and I subscribed to the full package with unlimited data on the Hot Spot. However, I have an issue with my new Apple iPad. (My computer connects just fine) - but the iPad says “Weak Security -...

Does a New 2022 Vehicle include free trial Hotspot?

Just purchased a new vehicle 2022. Onstar helped me setup my SSID and password. Now When I try to connect to the hotspot it doesn't work. I can see the SSID and password on the screen, but it only connects without Internet (it says NO internet). I wa...

On star Wi-Fi Emails Won’t Send

When I am connected to my in-vehicle Wi-Fi I cannot send email. It does not allow a connection to the outgoing server. If I disconnect from the Wi-Fi and use the phone cellular network it works fine, as it does when I am on any other Wi-Fi. Has anyon...

Msteven5 by New Contributor
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So, I’m told over and over again that I do not have an active hotspot and can not have one or even gain access one without paying for a data plan….. BUT my infotainment system sure shows one…..is visible AND accessible from my cell phone, AND it has ...