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No Smart Phone

New Contributor

The recent upgrade planned for the OnStar service looks like it will leave me out in the cold. My car is a 2007 GMC Canyon pickup truck. The upgrade of the OnStar network requires the use of a Smart Phone to access the OnStar services for my vehicle.  I do not have a Smart Phone.  I do not plan to get a Smart Phone.  I'm retired, living on a fixed income, so I cannot afford the monthly service charges that go along with typical Smart Phone service.  What alternatives are there that would allow me to maintain my OnStar service, other than buying a Smart Phone (which I cannot afford) or buying a new car (which I certainly cannot afford!)?


New Contributor

I'm no expert here, but I'm curious about your situation:  What OnStar services did you have before the change?  I subscribe to the "Safety & Security" plan with On-Star ($250 a year) and there are no changes to that.  A Smart Phone is not needed for that.  I did discover that the MyGMC app on my smart phone changed.  It's nothing like it was - completely different - and requires another subscription, or an upgraded subscription to get the features it used to do.