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Super cruise 400,000 mile update

New Contributor

When will they send out updates to the 400,000 mapped super cruise miles? There are no mapped miles within 20 miles of my town. The 400,000 mapped at least does include one of the highways to my town.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Super Cruise map information is automatically updated periodically. Automatic updates via OnStar will occur on a quarterly basis to ensure the latest Super Cruise road availability is provided. In the event that a map update is not completed within seven months, Super Cruise will be disabled. In order to get Super Cruise working again, you must visit the dealer to have a new map update downloaded to the vehicle. The vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot must be turned on to receive automatic updates via OnStar.

New Contributor

I too am still waiting for the 400,000 mile update...2021 CT4 what is the story, several quarters have passed, and your "automatic update" is still out there.

If you continue to experience these Super Cruise concerns, our team is here to assist to the best of our abilities. If you need an additional layer of help, kindly email with ATTN: OnStar Community/Merlin in the subject headline. 

New Contributor

The website continues to show the updated map with 400,000 miles of compatible roads yet nobody at OnStar, Cadillac, or anyone in GM in general can provide a meaningful answer, including those in this thread. 

When will the update get pushed? It is an easy question.

New Contributor

Hello, You should visit a dealer and have them update your Super Cruise Map module.  After this your call will begin downloading the maps.  This seems to be a long key-on process at this point, but you will get the 400,000 miles of roads with 2-lane road coverage after this.