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OnStar and no internet

I just purchase a 2022 Yukon Denali. The vehicle cannot connect to the internet or onstar. The onstar lights are not on an Google and Google assist cannot connect. Is there anyone having the same problem. Dealership claims nothing is wrong with the v...

Recommend Disconnecting WIFI.

On Star connect figure out how to allow an iPhone12 or 13 to connect automatically. I think it is horrible they want to charge their customers for an incomplete service. I disconnected today and would recommend anyone else having this issue to do the...

My Chevy App

This app seems to work sometimes but more often than not it breaks down. Does anyone have an app that works all the time? I have contacted OnStar tech support more times than I can count and have not gotten things corrected. Mine takes forever to log...

dasalzer by New Contributor
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General Motors Onstar 2G Network Sunsetting

What about the MILLIONS of vehicles on the roads of AMERICA that are missing VITAL ONSTAR SAFETY FEATURES? Service Bulletin No.: 15-08-44-001j (My vehicle for instance is equipped with RPO UE1)

Screenshot (427).png

Giving thumbs-up

How do I give a post a "thumbs-up"? I am logged in but when I put my cursor on the thumbs up icon to select it nothing happens.

DAV2149 by New Contributor
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I just feel plain out abandoned. I’ve used this app and payed for it faithfully. Now, all of a sudden I’ve lost all of my features only to be left with roadside ??? I already have roadside through the dealership. I needed the unlock and other vehicle...

MYGMC App sync

So, recently we started having issues with her and my phone app showing the same information. We both have our 2019 Acadia on the GMC app on both phones - she can start it, I don't get notified it is running and my app doesn't show it running. I can ...

nfengel by Visitor
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my Chevrolet app and Alexa

I am trying to setup the my Chevrolet skill in the Alexa app on my android phone. When I go to link it I put in my email address and password that I use to log into my chevy owners site and the my chevrolet app i have for the android (which both work...

saultmc by Visitor
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