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My budget is tight. What makes OnStar Guardian worth it?

Community Manager
Community Manager

With the Guardian app, you’ll have features like crash detection, Roadside Assistance and location sharing all in one place for one low price ($15/month). Rather than having multiple subscriptions, we’re bundling help into one offering, one convenient source. There’s no need to have separate roadside services or location tracking. You can do it all from the Guardian app. And, best of all, you can share it with up to 7 of your loved ones at no additional cost.


Visitor II

The only problem is the Guardian location tracking is a joke! I've kept up with the updates, made sure we had the allow tracking permissions correctly set and it just flat out doesn't work 99.9% of the time. For example, today my wife met with a friend across town (~12 miles away). After repeated refreshing of the screen it finally showed her at the restaurant about 30 minutes after she had arrived and it never showed her during any of the travel to get there. On her way home it showed her moving for about the 1st quarter mile. Then she didn't show up again until I clicked on her icon and hit the refresh. I then repeatedly hit refresh and it tracked her for about 3/4 of mile and then stopped again.  It finally showed her again when she was about 1.5 miles from home.  Then nothing until it showed her coming into the garage.

This has been going on since the app was first released. I had been hoping that with each update to it, there would be an improvement but it appears to be going in the wrong direction, getting worse rather than better. So much so I've given up even trying to use it.

We understand your frustrations with the OnStar Guardian App and appreciate you sharing these details. Our team can certainly look into the errors you are having with your Location Services. When you have a moment, please send an email to with further information so we can assist.


I receive WalMart home deliveries at home .  They text me as they leave the store (3 miles). I can see the driver's progress almost live. Perhaps 15 seconds behind. My point is, IT CAN be done. Keep trying.  AL