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Why don't GM retrofit replacemrnt for on star 2g

I was completely dissatisfied when I heard that on star was shutting down the 2G system on 31 Dec 22. This new app is unacceptable. I need a button I can press for emergency asap, not fiddle with a stupid phone app. This was the reason I bought GM ca...

Class Action Lawsuit

Has anyone looked into the possibility of a Class Action lawsuit regarding this matter? This is an extremely unfair practice affecting many many loyal customers! Spoke to an advisor today who told me it wasn't OnStars decision but the cellular servic...

CFlo by New Contributor
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2g sunset

for all gm onstar user 2015-2006 ,try bluetooth ,skip everything else to see the features you like. no onstar plan needed.use the free apps on your phone for most of the same features. it's worth a try,wont costyou anything.

2G Network Sunset - Bluetooth and Other Functions

Attn: Admin_SkylarPlease provide information as to what services will still work after the 2G shutdown. ie. Bluetooth connection between our phones and vehicles. Will the "hands free" still work? Will spoken vehicle commands still work? Please post h...

ljschoepke by New Contributor III
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I have a 2014 Cadillac SRX that is a great car. My OnStar just got shut off and I was told that they could not turn it back on because it is 2G. Also the 2G was not going to be off until sometime in December. ‘It is strange that other vehicles that a...

MeMe by New Contributor
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4G/5G Modem = Size of USB Stick

So just to show folks a visual example or what responsible companies are doing to retain customers during the 2G shutdown, I got a free replacement wireless modem board from our home alarm company to upgrade the alarm's control module to 4G from 2G. ...

hyperlexis by New Contributor II
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G2 I have a 2014 Silverado and a 2008 Avalanche,

I know the Avalanche cannot be upgraded but here in the United States is there an upgrade for the Silverado? When this shuts down, will Onstar still be able to unlock my doors? GPS my truck, or shut my truck down in case it was stolen?

GregA by Visitor
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2G ending soon

I purchased OnStar when I purchased my Camaro in 2011. I like feeling safe and I have used the "unlock" at least 3 times. And the roadside assistance. I realize that most auto insurance comes with roadside assistance but I've always used OnStar, and ...

2g in order vehicles, family saftey means nothing to them

I can't believe that a company that big can't figure out how to get around this. For us that have an older vehicle and take care of them get kicked to the curb. Me being a 20year customer means absolutely nothing to them with 2 vehicles. OnStar is a ...

Pooba by New Contributor
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This is horrible!!! So. $15 discount? Dont hurt yourself....Guess I should just go to Bluetooth and ditch onstar

Msreese by Visitor
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