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2G Network Sunset - Bluetooth and Other Functions

Attn: Admin_SkylarPlease provide information as to what services will still work after the 2G shutdown. ie. Bluetooth connection between our phones and vehicles. Will the "hands free" still work? Will spoken vehicle commands still work? Please post h...

ljschoepke by New Contributor III
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2G Network Response by GM is UNACCEPTABLE

GM, so in 2015 you installed 2G radio's in vehicles when 4G LTE (at the very lease 4G) service was the standard used by cellular carriers. They had already started or were well through the shutdown of the 3G networks. Now in 2021, you have had 6 year...

kadco by New Contributor
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OnStar Customers want a better solution for 2G Network Sunset

So, I've spent part of the morning looking at post after post lamenting the loss of key services (OnStar Remote FOB, Remote Start, Remote Lock/Unlock, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Automatic Crash Detection) due to the 2G Cellular Network shutdown. OnSt...

KurtM by New Contributor III
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4G/5G Modem = Size of USB Stick

So just to show folks a visual example or what responsible companies are doing to retain customers during the 2G shutdown, I got a free replacement wireless modem board from our home alarm company to upgrade the alarm's control module to 4G from 2G. ...

hyperlexis by New Contributor II
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Class Action Lawsuit

Has anyone looked into the possibility of a Class Action lawsuit regarding this matter? This is an extremely unfair practice affecting many many loyal customers! Spoke to an advisor today who told me it wasn't OnStars decision but the cellular servic...

CFlo by New Contributor
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A Technical Workaround OnStar Won't Mention

I attempted to come back and remove this post, but the only option I can find is to edit its contents or report the content as inappropriate. The suggestion I made for a workaround was to obtain a module from another vehicle that was no longer in ser...

kykingdom by New Contributor II
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2g in order vehicles, family saftey means nothing to them

I can't believe that a company that big can't figure out how to get around this. For us that have an older vehicle and take care of them get kicked to the curb. Me being a 20year customer means absolutely nothing to them with 2 vehicles. OnStar is a ...

Pooba by New Contributor
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2G Network Sunset - Lose Insurance Discount

According to my insurance agent (Representing Auto Owners):"The only discount that they give is based on the fact that OnStar provides GPS locating in the event the vehicle is stolen."Thanks GM/OnStar. I will now lose my discount at the end of 2022.

ljschoepke by New Contributor III
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2G Sunset - My OnStar Services?

I find this kind of ironic. This is the information from "My OnStar Services" > "My Plans" (ie. my.gm.com) for my 2015 Chevrolet Colorado:"Your vehicle uses the 2G network, which is shutting down at the end of 2022."Then, further down the screen it s...

ljschoepke by New Contributor III
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New Apple Products Now Include Crash Detection

Now this is interesting... in their media announcement yesterday, Apple mentioned that the iPhone 14 AND Apple Watch 8-series products now include crash detection. The devices use a combination of sensors to determine if you've been in an accident, a...

Guy by New Contributor III
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How do I get the OnStar Guardian app?

The OnStar Guardian app is included in the OnStar Safety & Security Plan. Members can download the Guardian app from the App Store®* or on Google Play.™** After the 2G sunset, all Safety & Security Plans will be migrated to the Guardian app (which is...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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What services are included with the OnStar Guardian app?

The Guardian app provides key OnStar safety services right on your phone, including: • Mobile Crash Response• Roadside Assistance• Emergency Services, which gives you 24/7 access to OnStar Emergency Advisors* The app also lets you invite up to 7 love...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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