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upgrade OnStar to 4G/5G

Now it is nearly February 2023 and no notice from GM about upgrading the old 2G to 4G/5G. Don't think it is going to happen. I can guess not enough customers have asked GM to do something. I did see one petition with less than 2k signatures. Not near...

Bleudiesel by New Contributor II
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Petition GM to Upgrade 2G-Equipped Vehicles

I have a 2011 Chevrolet Colorado truck. I have been a loyal GM guy for years, and have paid monthly to OnStar for many years. It's an absolute disgrace that OnStar and GM will not offer a free hardware upgrade to all of our vehicles. They could surel...

JasonDog3 by New Contributor III
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OnStar Customers want a better solution for 2G Network Sunset

So, I've spent part of the morning looking at post after post lamenting the loss of key services (OnStar Remote FOB, Remote Start, Remote Lock/Unlock, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Automatic Crash Detection) due to the 2G Cellular Network shutdown. OnSt...

KurtM by New Contributor III
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2G going away?

Are you saying the device in my car won't work anymore? I haven't been happy with Onstar services lately. Your turn-by-turn directions have gotten us lost several times by disconnecting, and by telling us to turn down nonexistent roads, and you don't...

CJ by Visitor
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2G Network Response by GM is UNACCEPTABLE

GM, so in 2015 you installed 2G radio's in vehicles when 4G LTE (at the very lease 4G) service was the standard used by cellular carriers. They had already started or were well through the shutdown of the 3G networks. Now in 2021, you have had 6 year...

kadco by New Contributor
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2G sunset

4G cellular service became available in 2009. So why, in 2014, was GM/OnStar still manufacturing their equipment with 2G technology (which was basically obsolete by 2002)? Why, in 2022, is their not an equipment upgrade option available? I have been ...

2G sunset

As an owner of both 2014 and 2016 Cadillacs, I'm very aggravated with GM for not providing an option to purchase an ONSTAR 2G hardware upgrade option as they did previously for the 2008 CTS I once owned. This will not bode well for future GM/Cadillac...

2G ending

Why hasn't onstar figured out a way to update 2G with the 5G for onstar-equipped vehicles?No one should have to rely on an app. in an emergency. You got people used to the onstar in vehicles and now if one forgets their cell phone they are not safe i...

Mauioo by New Contributor
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Since GM/Chevrolet is dropping 2G as it is outdated and is no longer supported, I wish to drop OnStar.

hasmussen by New Contributor
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GM doesn’t know or care how to update 2G to 5G

You’ve GOT to be kidding me!!! GM’s answer to updating is to provide an app for your phone??? Are they that backwards or are they waiting for the gov’t to provide them funding to perform this? It’s not like it happened overnight, they’ve had plenty o...

Jchasta by Visitor
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No more OnStar

I have loved my 2014 Cadillac CTS but I will never again buy your product since the trade in value has really been decimated. You should provide an update for my vehicle if you have any conscience at all. This is my 3rd Cadillac but no more!!

Deb50 by New Contributor
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