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Onstar My Chevy App

New Contributor

After a whole month with my trial offer on my new car...The Chevy App is still not fixed...showing a multitude of errors on my car (but none on the dash) Many hours on the phone, in the car, installing uninstalling starting the car, closing the door opening the door, waiting waiting find out my "active" case files have since been dumped once my 30 day trial was over. To yet open another active file and asked to send screenshots to only to get it bumped back to me non-deliverable, then to get an email saying nothing will be fixed until I go to, but I cannot access that site as it says it's not my last thing I thought I'd try was to use the SMS option and text Connect1 to 23689, only to have that "Failed to send" 

SMH, what a bunch of nonsense. So my only option is to call AGAIN and be on the phone for another 2 HOURS. Can't get my "free trial" fixed but they've got no problem calling me 10 times a day to sign up for a sub for Onstar lol!



The correct email address is  I have sent them a number of emails and my issues are still not fixed.


Hello. For further assistance with your mobile app concerns, please feel free to email more details and any relevant screenshots to with "ATTN: OnStar Community/Maggie" in the subject line. Our team is happy to help.