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Discount for seniors, ex 1st. responders and those spending little time in car.

New Contributor

It's a shame OnStar prices the over 70 population and those on fixed incomes with the same rates as commuters and those who put multiple thousand miles on their cars yearly.

Why not an affordable plan for the hundreds of thousands of seniors who only drive a few hundred miles each year?

You're losing a very large market by pricing yourself beyond our ability to comfortably pay.




If you haven't already, it would be best to reach out to an Advisor to see if there are any discounts available within your account. The special offers are dynamic and always changing. You can reach an Advisor for further assistance by calling 1-(888)-4ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827), pushing your blue OnStar button, or by emailing

New Contributor
Our family have had two vehicles over the last 20+ years with OnStar service every year under multiple accounts with annual fees of about $150/year ($300/year for both vehicles) 
We have been loyal customers over these years until more recently when we never renewed when the renewals came due. We would have continued however when many of the features were taken away and especially more recently the annual rate went to $300/year after which there here was no way.
Unfortunately each year we absolutely dreaded calling to have to threaten to cancel to get the $150 rate. Now all that is offered is a minimal addition of time of a month or two to the length of the annual term. It seems to make sense to just accept the $150/year x two vehicles ($300.00) over “nothing” especially when your service for our needs is for emergency only and I have never had the need to use it. Automated crash response is all we need.
Such a shame that the OnStar service is headed down and out!
Thank you,