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Tracking/location incorrect all the time. 4 phones

New Contributor

The app use to work fine.  We have it installed on 4 different phones.  Before anyone starts with the basic troubleshooting I have been looking at this for months.  Apps have been uninstalled/reinstalled, on all phones, location permissions triple checked, again on all phones.  Do not allow the phone to close the app when not in use, on all phones.  I no longer get any alerts when members enter or leave a geo fence zone.  I have multiple setup.  Since I'm a member of emergency services, it's very helpful for my family to know where I am and not answering my phone because of an incident I have responded to.


So, OnStar.  Please explain this, I have seen multiple threads on this on various sites and have not gotten a satisfactory answer.  I'm paying for this service and it's clearly no longer doing what it use to do.  


My guess is that OnStar has somehow depreciated the location feature for one reason or another.



This certainly is not the experience we hope for. So we can look into this further, please reach out to us at to with "ATTN: OS Community/Dlenn845" in the subject headline. We will be on the look-out for your response.