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How can I take over steering control when Super Cruise is engaged?

New Contributor II

If you’d like to take control of the vehicle after Super Cruise™1 has been activated, place your hands firmly on the steering wheel. The Super Cruise system will detect that you have taken over control and the steering wheel light bar will change from green to blue. When the light bar is blue, Super Cruise will stop steering and you must steer the vehicle. To reactivate Super Cruise, center the vehicle in your lane and wait for the light bar to turn green. If you would like to take over steering and deactivate Super Cruise, you can do so by firmly placing your hands on the wheel and pressing the Super Cruise button, depressing the brake pedal or, on electric vehicles so equipped, activating the Regen On Demand paddle.

1Always pay attention while driving and when using Super Cruise. Do not use a hand-held device. Visit for compatible roads and full details.