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No internet connection! Help!

I can connect to my wifi but there is no internet connection. Onstar has pushed updates, reconfigured what they could, and said to go to the dealership. The dealership said everything is good on their side so it’s an onstar issue. I’ve also tried to ...

wi-fi does not share

I have a 2023 Yukon and the wi-fi is consistently not working. The "Share Hotspot Data is defaulted to "Off". If I turn it "On" it shares the internet connection, but only for a few seconds (10-15) and then the setting reverts to "Off". At the instru...

WiFi Hotspot, No Connection to Internet

I have a 2022 Chevy Silverado, bought the thing used awhile back. The WiFi Hotspot has never worked, basically it will allow a device to join but does not actually route to the internet.I have had several other Chevy/GMC trucks where the WiFi/Onstar ...


The WiFi Hotspot speed is absolutely horrible

I get that nowhere on the site or in any promotional material does it say that the hotspot speeds are meant to be high speeds. But, if I'm paying $25/month for it, it should be better than .5Mbps.I can't even download a 100kb Excel file let alone str...

Vehicle wifi periodically working.

Usually at least once a week when I start my truck the 4G wifi is not showing up or working. This in turn means my navigation and Pandora will not work. I can Hotspot my phone to the truck but it uses my phones data instead of the unlimited data I'm ...

2022 GMC Sierra "Share Hotspot"

I have a 2022 GMC Sierra AT4, and the wi-fi is enabled and working. There is an option where I can "Share Hotspot Data" with connected devices. This is defaulted to "Off". If I turn it "On" it shares the internet connection, but only for a few second...


wifi hotspot not working after remote startup. 2020 chevy silverado.. the wifi has been "reset" x2 from on-star. is this a chevyissue or onstar issue ? thx

try54 by New Contributor II
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WIFI in my GMC Sierra

I have a 2021 GMC Sierra Denali, and I have the wifi/hotspot active on my truck. My cell service is through Verizon, and the wifi/hotspot is through AT&T... Now when I am in my truck the phone automatically connects to the hotspot AND via Bluetooth a...

Cadillac ATS & OnStar WiFi Hot Spot security issues…

Hello all!I bought my Cadillac 2 months ago, and love it, and I subscribed to the full package with unlimited data on the Hot Spot. However, I have an issue with my new Apple iPad. (My computer connects just fine) - but the iPad says “Weak Security -...

Does a New 2022 Vehicle include free trial Hotspot?

Just purchased a new vehicle 2022. Onstar helped me setup my SSID and password. Now When I try to connect to the hotspot it doesn't work. I can see the SSID and password on the screen, but it only connects without Internet (it says NO internet). I wa...

On star Wi-Fi Emails Won’t Send

When I am connected to my in-vehicle Wi-Fi I cannot send email. It does not allow a connection to the outgoing server. If I disconnect from the Wi-Fi and use the phone cellular network it works fine, as it does when I am on any other Wi-Fi. Has anyon...

Msteven5 by New Contributor
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