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Mobile App Charge Status

Why is my mobile app charge status not updating for level 3 charging? It updates/works for level 1 and level 2. Support has failed to contact me regarding this issue for almost 2 MONTHS!

WSS by New Contributor
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OnStar Maps WiFi not working

I have a 2022 Silverado. About a week ago, the green light beside my OnStar button went dark. My WiFi no longer receives signal, my maps doesn’t work and when you push the OnStar button nothing happens. I called OnStar and they did a test & said ever...

Fro081 by New Contributor
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Data runs out quickly

I bought a data plan with 2gb. All im using it for is navigation, Five days after the data renewed itself I'm down to 1.1 Gb of data left and all I used it for was to navigate 240 kms. Something must be using the data upbut I don't know what it could...

leemacer by New Contributor
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3-year remote access plan - '24 Silverado

My 2024 Silverado came with a 3-year remote access plan included in the MSRP. I am nearing 1-month into ownership and have begun receiving call and emails saying my trial is ending soon. What do I need to do to keep my remote access plan for the rema...

Slomo37 by New Contributor
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WiFi fix

After hours of research, I found this guy on YouTube which has helped several people resolve their WiFi connection in their Chevy/GM vehicles. This worked for me as well. I had trouble getting on the internet and opening apps but now I can. The fix i...

2003 hummer h2

My OnStar activates itself my radio keeps reading the time and phone and I can’t turn it off and I don’t even have an active plan with this car help

Ff by New Contributor
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Daughter's Location

There are times here lately most every day my daughter's location is not correct. Sometimes I can log out and back in and it will track her, but most times it does not. Like today she is not at home, but her location indicates she is at home. What's ...

jltuders by New Contributor
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Waiting for Refund

I have had a case open since 2/28/24 and been told on 4 separate occasions that my refund of $664.21 would be processed in 3-5 days and it has now been nearly 3 weeks. I went on the app and updated my payment method on February 27th. By doing that I ...

adecker80 by New Contributor II
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Dear colleagues,My name is Kate, i am working in LiTRO Company in Kazakhstan. We are Roadside Assistance Company and want to work with you. Can you help is to solve fleets needs and male our operation more safe.How can i discuss the cooperation? Who ...

Kate by New Contributor
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2018 Equinox Onstar Apps & Navigation

Just purchased a 2018 Equinox LT TD. Currently have the trail version of the Premium Onstar and set up to purchase after it ends. Have a couple issues first when a go to the apps screen it comes up that the App Library is not accessible try again lat...

Blackfish by New Contributor
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Wi-Fi not providing signal

We recently bought a 22 Suburban and requesting Wi-Fi services to be set up. We were told it would be active within 24 hours. The Wi-Fi is on, the bars are with the icon showing Wi-Fi but when we connect no signal is provided from the vehicle to the ...

EJJackson by New Contributor
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