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Still no GM update on 2G Sunsetting fix for pre-2015 OnStar vehicles?

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We're almost half way through 2022 and still no official GM updates on any revised OnStar "2G-Sunsetting" solution for pre-2015 GM vehicles with factory OnStar hardware (2G CDMA) (which without a GM fix, will have "N-OnStar" by the end of 2022 when the US 2G mobile data system shuts down.)

By contrast, I've already received free plug-and-play hardware upgrades for: 1.) A family member's pacemaker modem (See attached image of USB stick 2g to 4g upgrade modem; 2.) A Home alarm system 2g to 4g modem upgrade (see attached photo for the alarm's modem retrofit.)






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What really stinks is that Canada went through this SEVEN YEARS ago and OnStar upgraded 2G hardware to 4G LTE at that time -- at their OWN expense.

Maybe this was a considerable balance sheet hit for OnStar, so I understand if they don't want to pay for US customers this time.  However, ask me if I would personally pay out-of-pocket for a 2G to 4G LTE hardware upgrade (that would likely also come with a built-in hotspot).  If it meant saving Remote Key FOB, Remote Key Unlock, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, and Remote Diagnostic Reports for my 2012 Cadillac CTS with only 45,000 miles on it?  HELL YEAH!  I would pay that in a heartbeat. Ten years ago LTE modules sold for $90 - $110 for device makers. I can't imagine a consumer having to pay more than $200 - $300 for a dealer to do a 45-minute upgrade install of the replacement hardware. 4G LTE won't sunset for another decade.  Come on OnStar, give us some options!  

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I would drop $200 to $300 on a unit in a heartbeat. I know how valuable that service is -- they were fantastic when my wife got T-boned by a big SUV several years ago. It's the biggest reason I've stayed with GM brands.

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I'd be better off purchasing mysync from T-Mobile. I had it once before and it did the same thing as this new Onstar crap will do, plus it does vehicle locate better. It also adds a Hotspot Wi-Fi. 

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Good find @jleroyce!   I wish it had remote start, lock/unlock, tire pressure too.   Hey OnStar, this is how an international company (T-Mobile) sees an opportunity to satisfy customers and fill an easily identifiable gap in service.  Too bad it wasn't you -- perhaps you should take notes?  While a dongle isn't perfect, at least it's not your crappy app solution.  OnStar why can't you provide us the 4g hardware upgrade for our cars at cost?


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So I take it then it's time to cancel my onstar subscription. The mobile app is no use to me if someone steals my car or if I'm in  wreck and knocked out and cant log into the app for help. I really liked being able to lock my doors and star the engine from inside my house when its cold out. 

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New Contributor III

I have a 2011 Chevrolet Colorado truck. I have been a loyal GM guy for years, and have paid monthly to OnStar for many years. It's an absolute disgrace that OnStar and GM will not offer a free hardware upgrade to all of our vehicles. They could surely afford this, and it would be a good gesture to their customers who have supported them for many decades.  I had a long conversation with one of the OnStar representatives two days ago about this matter. She told me that the Guardian App would not be able to locate my truck if it had been stolen without my cell phone still being in the truck. Furthermore, OnStar would not be able to unlock my doors if I had locked the keys inside the truck. What a waste this Guardian application is going to be.

GM's failure to upgrade our vehicles is bad business!

We should start a petition to get GM to upgrade our vehicles so that we can have the full features of OnStar and with our vehicles directly connected to OnStar at all times.

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I've started a petition to get our vehicles upgraded:

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Hi, all - I just posted the following on my Cadillac Forums account.  It applies here with regard to the 2G/3G issue.  And, I have a question at the end.  Thanks everyone for any comments.



Update on Turn-by-Turn Navigation:

Last night, I tried to use the Navigation function in the Cadillac cellphone app.  It has been removed (at least, on my app) which relates to my 2012 SRX.  


Nonetheless, I got into the SRX, hit the button, and asked for "Virtual Assitant."  As I mentioned in past posts, this lately has been pretty hit-or-miss.  Well, it did connect.  It did find the location.  It even download the routing directions to the SRX.  I was off and running.  It really worked fine.  But, last week it did not, but I was in a different location some distance from my home area.  The coverage was spotty there.
This begs the question:  I am guessing that my SRX is probably 2G and not 3G.  I last was in Canada in 2019 and back in 2015, Canada had shut down 2G.  GM Canada had a program to upgrade 2G to 3G.  I did not jump to do that as I was just visiting and the whole process would have taken more time than I had for my trip there.  Now, I wish I had stayed over and gotten the upgrade.  It was a process but it could have been done.


So, that brings us to today.  I still do not know, for certain if my SRX is 2G or 3G.  It is difficult to get firm answers but I am going to say that I am at 2G because I read this article that would explain why I am still able to contact OnStar:


Okay, so let's assume 2G is DOA on 31-Dec-2022.  Of course, the "big talk" is about 3G being retired.  BUT, I also have read that OnStar worked with AT&T to continue to support those with 3G equipment AFTER the official 3G shutdown for most other 3G applications.  This is a "reasonable" approach if it is technically possible.

I am getting to a point here.


If 2G is DOA at EOY, and we, at one time, had upgrade kits to get us from 2G to 3G, and the AT&T modification to support OnStar/3G actually is going to happen, then it seems logical that the rest of us with 2G equipment could revive the 3G upgrade program and piggyback onto the AT&T/OnStar solution.

Does this make sense?

I tell you why I am like a dog with a bone on this - the Turn-by-Turn and all those features, to me, is the whole point of OnStar. Without those, the rest of it is useless. And, if no solution is found, I suspect none of those emergency features or anything else will work either. And, frankly, their cellphone, or even the now downplayed "Link" dongle, are pretty lame substitutes.

Has anyone heard any news on this?  Thanks!

Hi, Chuck. Many of your questions can be found right on our FAQ sites here:

As you're unsure if your 2012 Cadillac SRX is 2G or 3G, we recommend utilizing our VIN look-up tool on our 2G Network Sunset site. Regardless if your vehicle is 2G or 3G, we are encouraging owners, especially with 2G-connected vehicles, to download the OnStar Guardian app. This will allow them to take the safety and security of key OnStar services wherever they go. OnStar Guardian offers Mobile Crash Response, which uses smartphone sensors to detect a crash and alert an Emergency-Certified® Advisor. OnStar Guardian also offers 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Location Status and Emergency Services. Members can download OnStar Guardian in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Those with an OnStar Safety & Security Plan can sign up for the service as part of their subscription, at no additional cost, and it is also available as a standalone service plan. Please keep in mind, we are actively working with AT&T explore solutions regarding the 3G Network Sunset. Updates will be provided at a later date.