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Community Manager
Community Manager

Community Guidelines:

Rules & Best Practices

  1. Be kind and respectful of others in all communication.
    This means avoiding any posts that are obscene, indecent, or that contain nudity or sexually explicit images. Don’t engage in name-calling or make statements that are defamatory, harassing, or threatening. Avoid inflammatory language and commentary about race, religion, gender, or politics.
  2. DO NOT post/request personal or account information.
    Don’t share things like your phone number, credit card number, address, or passwords. Similarly, don’t requests these pieces of information from other users. If you need additional assistance with a specific concern, or you’d like to work directly with a representative from GM, we may request additional information from you via private message, email, or other messaging service. Please only share your personal information, if requested, to authenticated GM representatives, which can be identified by their Moderator role. 
  3. Be concise and keep content relevant.
    For community features focused on a specific topic, you should only submit content related to that topic. Staying on subject makes conversations easy to navigate for all users. Vague language makes problems difficult to understand, and the same goes for answers you provide. Make conversations meaningful by including all relevant detail and being as clear as possible.
  4. Don’t troll or spam others.
    This includes repeatedly posting across many conversation threads, posting with intent to advertise/sell products/services, or violating primary functions of any community features.
  5. Read before posting.
    If a great answer is already available, endorse that answer rather than adding it again. Too many posts can make threads difficult to navigate. Although perfect spelling/grammar is not required, ensure that your post makes sense before submitting it to the community.
  6. Be legal.
    Don’t post content that violates state or federal laws. Don’t request other users perform actions that would do the same.
  7. Remember that your username is also your display name.
    With that in mind, choose an appropriate name based on the guidelines you see here. Also, don’t attempt to impersonate a GM employee or anyone else in the community.
  8. Report abuse.
    Part of keeping the community positive and helpful for others is reporting actions that take away from the community environment or that violate any of our Guidelines or Terms of Use. Let us know by selecting the “Report” option on any inappropriate posts you identify. 
  9. Participate!
    Contribute wherever you have something of value to add or where you have questions. On the opposite side, don’t try and offer advice on topics unfamiliar to you, as this can create confusion for other users. Rate the quality of answers left by others in the community if you find them helpful.

Unacceptable actions – These can get you banned from the community temporarily or permanently.

  • Posting content aimed at harming another individual or company. This includes posts that divulge any kind of personal information that is not yours to share.
  • Spreading viruses, malware, or software intended to damage another user’s computer or network. This includes providing links to other sites that could be harmful.
  • Impersonating any GM community employee or moderator.
  • Attempts to bypass any security measures within the community.
  • Using any mechanism (bots, for example) that enables automated posting.
    Repeatedly posting objectionable content.