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2024 Colorado- Vehicle Status NOT Updating

Vehicle status on my 2024 Colorado is not updating in the my Chevy app. I’ve gone to dealership. I called OnStar. I’ve deleted the app. I’ve reinstalled the app. I’ve paired the phone. I’ve driven around. I’ve done all the steps that they have told m...

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My Chevy app not updating atatus

My Chevy app does not update the vehicle status, I have uninstalled the app, logged out, signed back in, drove around for hours, then checked the the app…..still no updates. I get the diagnosis report email from OnStar, I just can’t see any info on t...

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can't login on laptop

I was able to log in about 3 weeks ago and create an account on my laptop, windows 10 when I bought my new truck. Since then I have been able to log in once more.Sometimes when I try to login I click the "My account" tab at the top and the page will ...

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Remotely send directions to car?

Hi folks. Looking for some advice or suggestions. My parents are aging and occurrences of them getting lost while driving are becoming a bit more frequent (according to doctors, we're not at the point of having to take away keys). They both have OnSt...

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Data and Billing Issue

For the past year, I end up losing internet connection in my 2019 Chevy Silverado. It occurs every other month (sometimes every month) right when billing occurs. I get charged for the OnStar service, but customer support from overseas somewhere tells...

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My Chevrolet app not seeing vehicle details.

Bought 2021 Silverado and setup OnStar trial. App seem to have all the vehicle details in it (tire pressure, odometer, etc). Trial ended and details are gone. In the app, under echo me status, it asked for the odometer reading for service recommendat...

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