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“Apps” app will not open in 2019 Tahoe

I recently purchased a 2019 tahoe from a dealership. I am trying to get pandora, but the “apps” app will not open in order for me to download it. Every time that I try it goes to a loading screen then gives this message “APPLICATION ERROR. This appl...

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5 Months Free + $50 gift card

For a month I've been invited to redeem 5 months free essential service plus $50 gift card, I imagine related to MyChevrolet account.Seems there is a catch: I already have to be subscribed to a paid account in the first place. Is this correct or is t...

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WiFi Hotspot & Apple Carplay greyed out

I purchased a new 2024 Buick Encore GX in August. Apple Carplay initially worked wirelessly but stopped working about a month after purchase. The carplay icon is grey. I can connect with a usb cable but the icon becomes grey again when unplugged. Whi...

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Onstar light is red

I have a 2020 chevy traverse that I've had off-on issues with my onstar. This afternoon the light turned red and the wifi isn't working because onstar isn't working. I called onstar customer service and they told me they can't help me and I need to g...

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У травні я купив підписку на програмування SPS. А тепер не можу увійти в обліковий запис. Відображається інформація про те, що «мій обліковий запис вимкнено, зверніться до служби підтримки». В чому проблема?

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Mobile Hotspot Not Working

Several months ago the mobile hotspot stopped working in my GMC Acadia. When I turn the car on I normally get a message about it connecting to my phone and then another message about the wifi being connected. I still get the first message about the c...

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False Flat Tire Alert

I received an email alert this morning that both rear tires on my truck are flat. Checked the vehicle and both tires are fine. Mobile App also showing 0 psi. Very annoying. This is the 3rd false alert on tire pressure I have received since purchasing...

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