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Location taking forever to update

The location of one of my family members takes forever to update, if at all. I'm also not receiving notifications when they leave from or arrive at a saved location. I've checked all location and cellular settings on his phone; they are the same as m...

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Updated App Issues

I was asked to update my Chevy App using a verification code and after doing so I no longer get a reading telling me what percentage of oil is still available, I’ve lost all my mileage information and I’m told my tires are flat. Is someone else havin...

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VIU - OnStar System Error code

Just got a brand new 2024 Chevy traverse a week and 1 day ago. Just hit almost 400 miles and a notification popped up on the dash that said “emergency services calling” and the Onstar light turned red. We pressed the button and the diagnostic report ...

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Data Plan and AT&T billing

Since AT&T provides the data for OnStar Connected Vehicle Plan, will I also be billed by AT&T?

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I'm unable to log in. On the app whatsoever

Anyone know why j can't log in I reset password and keep getting a error message unable to process ur request to contact support eror code (500)This is why he is racist and hateful please allow me to sign in what's the issue unprofessional

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Alexa is connected but..

So I have an Alexa account and see that I can use her with my 2024 Terrain. The app is installed in the can and she wakes up when I press the icon. But, if I try to stream a radio station out of my area all she does is tune the radio. I even tried on...

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