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Continued charges after canceling twice

Sometime in late 2022, I canceled my service online, under California's Automatic Renewal Law (Assembly Bill No. 390). On November 27th 2023, I noticed the charges continued past my previous cancelation attempt. I called to cancel on that date, and w...

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Wifi on but ‘not connected to internet’

My credit card on file expired at the end of January. As soon as the card declined my hotspot in my vehicle stopped working. I called and updated the card and still no internet. I’ve spent hours on a call with OnStar. They’ve sent signals, rebooted, ...

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Onstar light red

On Star light went red this morning and almost ten hours still red. This has happened before but before I could make an appointment with the dealer, the light went green again. Is there nit a way to simply reset it?

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2018 Equinox infotainment system

So I got a 2018 Equinox that will not update it's infotainment system. I got the original mylink on it but it's been very annoying lately (slow response, randomly stops working). I'm trying to get it to update but it will not. Is there a force update...

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Thank You, Goodbye

I have a 2017 Chevy Traverse that I just purchased. I connected my iPhone to bluetooth. For some reason, anytime I use Siri (hey Siri, call XXXX)... or (Hey Siri, text my son.....), it does the requested function, but then says "Thank you, goodbye".....

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Wifi Sharing and OnStar do not work

My car does not recognize the onstar services I pay for. For as long as I've owned the car I have been unable to share wifi with connected devices and even pressing the onstar button tells me I don't have a subscription, even though I have paid hundr...

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Resolved! My Chevrolet app not remote starting my vehicle

I open the app and hold down the start button and all is says is sending. I closed the app several time and even logged off, but when i reopen it, its still "sending." What do i need to do. I paid too much for this feature for it not to work Also wit...

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Infotainment center and On Star not working

Issues started shortly before Christmas with the radio shutting off randomly or becoming unresponsive. By the time I went to the dealer on 12-26-2023 the infotainment center was completely inoperable. No radio, no OnStar, no GPS, no Wifi, and so fort...

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