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The WiFi Hotspot speed is absolutely horrible

New Contributor

I get that nowhere on the site or in any promotional material does it say that the hotspot speeds are meant to be high speeds. But, if I'm paying $25/month for it, it should be better than .5Mbps.

I can't even download a 100kb Excel file let alone stream anything from any streaming platform. Even Pandora has trouble streaming audio on the lowest quality setting.

I've called support and they have "reset" things and said, "It should be better now. If not, give it a few days." Well, it's been a few days and 3 more calls to support and guess what... WiFi still sucks.

This is my last resort to get GM/OnStar to do anything about this. Obviously, I'm not the only one with this issue.



We have a 2017 Buick LaCrosse and a 2020 GMC Terrrain. The 2017 Buick developed slow WiFi in areas in 2021 before being all the time. Sadly it wasn’t my top 1000 things to deal with. I did mention it to the service team though every time I went in for an oil changes or other service. They noted nothing wrong with the hardware. Fast forward to Easter Weekend 2023. We’re traveling but I have a few free moments, so I start troubleshooting the speeds to see what they are. Oh my. Horrid doesn’t cover it. Criminal is closer. Under 1mbps most of the time. Top speed after days of working on it with OnStar was 3mbps but then it’d revert down to >1 again. And 3mbps wasn’t enough for our iPhones to be able to run music, navigation or other apps. My favorite was when they said AT&T was throttling the speed, and I’d need to call them but offered no direct line into AT&T for that conversation to be had.
Meanwhile, we get home, and I start comparing speeds to the Terrain and a separate hotspot I had. Yah. Done.  I’d already upgraded our cellphones to unlimited as it was so unreliable. 
Talked it over with my husband. We canceled OnStar on both vehicles. All of it. No one wants to address the issue or offer a real solution. Hell if they’d said it looks like a new WiFi card/part was needed and it fixed it… even if I had to pay for it, would have been preferred vs “ehhh, sorry to hear that.”  We’re over GM products. Because like many others — the whole reason we’ve continued to buy GM products was we liked OnStar and the connectivity.