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myBuick Vehicle Status Unavailable

New Contributor II

2015 Buick Enclave - myBuick Version 6.22.2 (4316)

Vehicle Status has been unavailable for about 3 weeks. Keeps saying "Unable to Connect" and 'There was an issue connecting". I can remote start and lock/unlock my vehicle.

The app will locate the vehicle on the Map, however, I am not receiving any Location Alerts on my phone - Notify Me is on. 

I have deleted the cache, deleted data, logged out, and uninstalled / reinstalled the app multiple times with the same results. 


New Contributor

Well, I don't have any good news to tell folks on this thread.  I had the problem of the MyChevrolet App not being able to connect and "Vehicle Status" unavailable for months going back to February. I was finally told after many phone calls and posting here and waiting for a call from the "offline tech support" team that never came that I needed to replace the entire module in my vehicle to the tune of $1200.  I can't afford to spend that much money to get an app to work that had worked for years to work again.  I guess I will be canceling OnStar.  I also don't believe that it is truly a hardware issue when so many people are experiencing this issue.  OnStar, if you're listening, I am allowing for one more opportunity to fix this issue.