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VIU - OnStar System Error code

New Contributor

Just got a brand new 2024 Chevy traverse a week and 1 day ago. Just hit almost 400 miles and a notification popped up on the dash that said “emergency services calling” and the Onstar light turned red. We pressed the button and the diagnostic report came back with error code B19DA. 

“The OnStar System is not performing as expected. An issue has been detected in the Wireless Communication System which provides security and safety features, turn by turn navigation, Wi-Fi, and much more. This may impact the ability for OnStar to assist in a crash and provide other services that you have requested.“


person on the phone said it’s an issue with the Onstar…not the vehicle itself? Anyone else have this issue?



We understand how this situation with your OnStar system has been frustrating and can recognize the inconvenience this has caused. Please know, if you currently have an open case with our internal Technical Team, we recommend staying in close contact with them. They will be in the best position to assist as they have the tools and resources to dig deeper into this concern. If you do not have an open case with the Technical Team, we would like to take the time to learn more and assist as best we can. To do so, kindly send us an email to with ATTN: OnStar Community/Littleturkeytom in the subject headline. 

New Contributor

I have this same issue. I just bought a 2024 GMC Acadia AT4 last Saturday - 398 miles on it and this error just came up today. On the myGMC app it said to schedule an appt for “An issue with OnStar system” and I did - but the appointment isn’t until August. I would love to hear what you find out.