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Smart Driver information Request

New Contributor

Am I able to request a detailed form of my onstar Smart Driver activity? 

I see that it shows you the information for the current day and an overall for the month, but is there a way to pull a detailed log of the smart driver information for each day of the month? 

Has anyone ever requested this information from onstar? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Please know that Smart Driver enrollment and access is only available through the Mobile app. When viewing your Smart Driver information within your mobile app, Members can view their Most Recent Trip, Daily, Weekly or Monthly scores in the Driving Activity view. Be sure to select the calendar icon which allows Members to select a day or week to view. Here you'll be able to view trip details include Hard braking, hard acceleration, Late Night Driving (12-4AM), Distance Driven, Fuel Economy, Average Speed & Speed over 80 mph for the date range that you select.