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GM doesn’t know or care how to update 2G to 5G

New Contributor

You’ve GOT to be kidding me!!! GM’s answer to updating is to provide an app for your phone???  Are they that backwards or are they waiting for the gov’t to provide them funding to perform this? It’s not like it happened overnight, they’ve had plenty of time to figure this out.  For goodness sake, everybody else has either provided an automated update or sent a replacement chip!!!  If it’s difficult to install, send the freakin parts to the dealer and send out notices.  This installing an app is not acceptable!!

And by the way, some people don’t have an android or iPhone for an app!!!  I have an older relative who has a flip phone (sigh) and will no longer have the Onstar service available to them!!!

Negligent and lazy. Calling it like I see it!!


New Contributor III

And so on Thanksgiving Day, after enjoying a fabulous meal at my daughter's house, I used the myCadillac app on my phone to remote start my car and warm it up before braving the elements and the cold -- or so I thought I would. My Remote Start button was gone from my app. Fearing the worst, I went out and got into my car and saw that the OnStar light was dark. Yes, that's right, GM sent me a Thanksgiving present and while I was eating dinner and giving thanks, they disconnected my OnStar on my 2012 Cadillac.

I knew it was coming and yet just the same I was pissed off. On Thanksgiving Day GM? Way to rub salt into the wound! Here's the funny thing (well, maybe one day it will seem funny). I pushed my OnStar button out of frustration and anger (and may have even used my middle finger to push it) and imagine my shock when I hear the OnStar voice advising me to push it again if I wanted to connect my car to the OnStar service (or something to that effect). Now intrigued, because apparently I still had 2G CDMA service since my car was able to remotely figure out that it had been disconnected, I pushed the OnStar button again and found myself connected to and speaking with an OnStar advisor!

I explained to the nice person on the other end that the reason for my call was that I was confused about the situation. I had just entered my vehicle and found my OnStar service disconnected, yet here I was using the 2G CDMA OnStar network to speak with her. She politely asked me to hold on while she looked up my account details (apparently she could still get her system to find me) and verified that this was regarding the 2012 Cadillac. She then asked if I was aware that GM was being forced to switch the owners of older their Guardian App. I said I was and that it was my understanding that it would happen in DECEMBER 2022, not on Thanksgiving Day in NOVEMBER.

She apologized and said that GM has already been rolling out the disconnections. I asked how it was that she and I were able to still talk through the OnStar button. I mean obviously, 2G CDMA hadn't disappeared yet. She said that the ability to speak to an OnStar Advisor was the last thing that GM would disconnect -- on December 31, 2022.

As we ended the call, she asked if there was anything else she could help me with -- and I replied "Besides saying goodbye to an estimated 1.5 million OnStar customers and their revenue? Yeah, tell me when GM is going to offer a hardware solution that I can purchase to upgrade my 2G CDMA OnStar module to a 4G LTE version." Of course, there was no solution to offer. Happy Thanksgiving GM.

P.S. Here's a petition that I encourage you to sign if that pissed you off as well (takes less than 4 minutes) --

New Contributor III

Apparently they don't give a rat's rump about their loyal customers! I think it's a crock of you know what to treat us this way. They gave Canada the opportunity to upgrade theirs, they should give us the same opportunity! I'm so mad I could just spit! I know when mine comes up for renewal I'm going to tell them to take a flying leap!

New Contributor

Paying $15 a month for an app is ridiculous and frankly insulting. If there is a solution available, like was offered in Canada, why are we not being given the option to upgrade out of pocket to at least keep the functions of the My Buick app. Living in WI., this is a lifesaver when its the dead of winter and have small children. I know I can use my key fob, but with the app, I don't have to be standing in a window pointing at my vehicle. Extremely disappointed in GM. 

New Contributor

GMC should stand behind their product and update the system.  People can update their heart monitor by simply logging into a computer why can't GMC update our cars?  Hook it up like they do for diagnostics and fix it!  If they are not going to fix it and we have a system that we PAID FOR when purchasing the vehicle, we should all get at least $5,000 back for driving their broken cars and bringing down our resale values!  I am going to tell everyone I know not to by a GMC because they can not support their consumer and they do not stand behind their product.  Truely unbelievable and unacceptable given today's technological advancements. 

New Contributor III

Well, they shut off my 2 g so I shut them off. I called and canceled.  And they had also overcharged me! I was really ticked about that. The person I spoke with said they were going to refund the charges. I'm still waiting to see that on  my bank statement.  Anyway, I suppose now my insurance will go up. I'm mad as hell at GM!

New Contributor

I couldn't have said it better.  I've used OnStar in GM products since having my 1985 Park Ave.  I have CHF and need an implanted Defibrillator.  If it fires while I'm driving I'm sure I won't have time or facility to find the App, dial for help and hope OnStar provides assistance.  When I asked about my account they told me it had been canceled.  I had just paid the $15.00 monthly fee.  When I asked could a conversion be done from 2G to 5G, the answer was... for me to go to my dealer and buy a later model car that has 5G technology.  I have over 200,000 miles on my 2014 CTS.  It still runs great and has all the electronics I've wanted in a car since my purchase of my 1979 Regal.  I'm no longer sure I'll continue to consider GM cars/trucks. It does feel as though the Company is thumbing their corporate nose at loyal customers.  Not wise in my estimation.

New Contributor III